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Manuel Sinor is truly extraordinary! A very beautiful, very sustained intensity.

Radio-Canada CHFAFor Le cadeau d'Einstein

Sinor creates an excellent Haber, nicely arcing through confidence and frustration, evoking both sympathy and disgust.

Vue WeeklyFor Le cadeau d'Einstein

A sometimes silent, yet omnipotent presence, Manuel Sinor takes on the role of the father in almost statuesque fashion. He plays blindness with restraint, his body language never slipping into caricature. His stare seeks to settle but eventually gives up: after all, does it really want to see? Is the weight of memories not too heavy to handle?

JeuFor Guerre

Excellent performance by Manuel Sinor, who portrays the blind father with remarkable intensity.

Plein Espacefor Guerre

Controlled, yet physical acting [...] As the out-of-step father, who's become somewhat monstrous, Manuel Sinor sometimes seems to straddle the line between the tragic and the absurd.

Le Devoirfor Guerre

Manuel Sinor offers us a flawless performance as the now blind father...

Mon Théâtrefor Guerre

A promising actor from France, Manuel Sinor, brilliantly rises to the challenge posed by his character's blindness.

Montréal Campusfor Guerre

Top-notch performance by Sinor... A reptilian slick take on the character [of Creon].

See Magazinefor Jean Anouilh's Antigone

The talent of all the actors, including or perhaps most especially that of Manuel Sinor, who plays the German officer, makes you forget that you are in a theatre.

Bulles de culturefor Résistantes

Manuel Sinor plays with accuracy the terrible German officer.

L'Oeil d'Olivierfor Résistantes

But the male actors also perform strongly: Manuel Sinor chills us with his interpretation of a coldly ironic German officer.

Ciné, Séries, Culturefor Résistantes

The emotional shambles of the situation hover over Sinor's performance as though Fitz will never make a decision; when he does, it's as though a sense of oneness has been achieved.

Vue Weeklyfor Fitz



Manuel Sinor is excellent. An acting tour-de-force.

Radio-Canada CHFALe Café show, for Back to Methuselah

A funny and charismatic performance by lead actor Manuel Sinor cements this one as a real winner.

Entertainment Mavenfor The Incident

The two actors give us a verbal joust that's at once merciless, funny and pathetic. We're kept on our toes from start to end.

The Linkfor Un parfum de Montgolfière

And they laugh... as the talented trio go about their silly business. Fact is, the actors made everything work for laughs.

The Gazette, Montrealfor Three Musketeers

Manuel Sinor's James had the most zingers, which scored a hit with the crowd.

Charlebois Postfor The Permanent Guest

A hilarious, note-perfect performance by Manuel Sinor.

Vue Weeklyfor G & G vs. The Frenchman