Manuel Sinor is a Congo-born actor based in Paris.

In 2007, he launched his professional acting career by banking on a background as French Navy sailor in Djibouti, IBM executive in Ireland and doctor in linguistics in the Canadian Far West. His acting soon earned him to work with some of Canada’s leading theatre artists (Diane Leblanc; Vern Thiessen) as well as television and commercial directors (multiple Emmy® Award winner Michael Jorgensen; The Perlorian Brothers). He later found his way into Hollywood productions such as, in a colorful role, X-Men: Apocalypse.

In 2016, he took another chance by relocating his acting career… to Paris, and the bet has been paying off! Right upon returning to his homeland, he was invited to the creation of Résistantes, a dramatic play that reached the Top 10 of the Press Club at the Off Avignon (the world’s second largest theatre festival) before touring as far as The Reunion Island. Switching to comedy, he then landed a recurring role in Les Emmerdeurs, one of YouTube Originals’ first two French productions, in the run for Best Web Series in the 2019 edition of France’s press awards Les Globes de Cristal.

Building a side portfolio as a singer-songwriter, Sinor keeps cinema as his priority and continues to act for filmmakers of international renown (Bryan Singer, Andreï Smirnov, Luc Besson).