Manuel Sinor

Manuel Sinor is a Congo-born actor based in Paris, a dual citizen of France and Canada, member of Canada’s three actor unions and former jury member of the Canadian Screen Awards.

CINEMA led him to work for directors of international repute (Bryan Singer, Luc Besson, Andreï Smirnov) and opposite prominent Francophone actors (Gilles Lellouche, Valérie Lemercier, Paul Ahmarani). For TELEVISION, he has worked both in the United States (first for multiple Emmy® Award winner Michael Jorgensen) and in France (notably at the heart of the YouTube Originals series Les Emmerdeurs, nominated in 2019 at France’s press awards Globes de Cristal). In the THEATRE, his lead role career took him from the Francophone world premiere of Einstein’s Gift, a play crowned by Canada’s Governor-General Award, to the French success of Résistantes, nominated in the Top 10 of the Club de la Presse of the Off Avignon, the world’s second largest theatre festival, before touring for two years as far as the Réunion Island.

Before acting, Sinor earned a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Alberta, worked as an IBM executive in Ireland and served for the French Navy in Djibouti. Today his path as an actor finds an extension in a budding portfolio as a singer-songwriter, credited with a jazz-style E.P.