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Last Song in You

Pre-written song lyrics,
by Manuel Sinor


First verse
You gave me new worlds
And a brand new start
Now as we depart
No need to describe in what terms
Just this
From the heart
Of a future man of few words

Last song in you
My mind’s made up to sing my pain
in other tongues
I don’t belong
My red white blues are no more yours
than right or wrong
Last song in you
I almost wish the world around
would sing along

Second verse
While armies of crooks
Flourished as they taught
In your name I fought
And worshipped the spines of your books
Well now
Here’s a thought
All along it was all your looks


And Europe is bowing before you
And Asia soon will do it too
So your own schools will all be through
With your own little

Third verse
Ol’ Present Perfect
Has given me time
To turn on a dime
Admit you remain a prospect
Your past
Is a now
Don’t believe that I don’t regret



© Manuel Sinor