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Share the Wind

Pre-written song lyrics,
by Manuel Sinor


First verse
Fraternally free
That’s a win-win way
Oddballs even gain
The tidal wave the cloud of white
Could hardly make it alone so

Sail out
On your own sea
Fly out
In your own sky
But let us glide along
O let us glide along
Share the wind

Second verse
You chose your own way
But others made it be
Why couldn’t you pay it
If you gave energy and drive
The breeze would still carry you


Well it’s pretty sad that you should sigh
Yes it’s really sad that you should ask
What’s in it for you
Who’d ever wanna be half-alive

Third verse
‘Cause you dashed out the crowd
With dreams that wouldn’t quit
Don’t think we’ve all gone
If you’d just wait a little while
Others might follow your lead



© Manuel Sinor